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Flight 93 Memorial Chapel

Flight 93 Memorial Chapel Complex Foundation

The Most Rev. Ramzi R. Musallam Director /CEO

1504 Stutzmantown Rd

Friedens, PA 15541


Mail Address:

P.O. Box 142

Shanksville, PA 15560


Chapel Office:

570-718-8761 / 570 875 7383


Dear Family and friends:


Flight 93 Memorial Chapel is a spiritual memorial and perpetual tribute in honor of the Heroes of   Flight 93, and all others who perished September 11, 2001.  Our founder is Reverend Alphonse T. Mascherino, an ordained Catholic priest for thirty Four years. The Chapel is owned by the Catholic Church of the East was handed down by Father Alphonse T. Masherino in January 26, 2013.


The Chapel serves as a spiritual refuge and place of meditation and prayer.


The Chapel is open to people of all faiths and is available for individual faith groups to worship together under the direction of their respective religious leaders. 


Masses only celebrated by our Archbishop on a special days and will be conducted on a regular basis to honor the Heroes who have fallen, to pray for our Nation, our President, public officials and religious leaders. 


The theme of the Chapel is One Nation Under God.  Appropriate ceremonies on national holidays will celebrate the religious diversity of America and the unity of the American people.    



The Chapel will present multi-media programs to the public celebrating the Memory of the Heroes of   Flight 93, The Spirit of America, and the theme of One Nation Under God. 


A program of lectures and addresses by professionals in the fields of Religion, Education, Psychology and Public Service will be presented.


Chorales, and Concerts by performing groups and visiting Church choirs centered on the theme of the American Spirit, with audience participation are planned in the Chapel and on the Chapel grounds.


The church building was first dedicated in 1901, and is recognized to be one hundred years old. The church was used for services for seventy years. In recent years the building served as a seed warehouse of the Servos Seed Corporation.  The building was purchased privately from the Kurt Servos Family in January, 2002 and owned by Father Alphonse Masherino Founder and in January 26, 2013 He handed down the property ownership to the Catholic Church of the East also known as the ACC. Also upon vote of the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel Complex Foundation INC elected His Eminence Archbishop Ramzi R. Musallam to be the President of the said corporation on its monthly meeting of the Board of Directors on February 15, 2013 at 3:00p.m.  


We kindly ask all our supporters to remember our Chapel in your daily prayers and your generosity will help us operate the Chapel.  The Chapel is funded by people like you! Become a chapel partner today! It is my hope that you can plan your

trip to come and visit with us or you may call us to schedule

your visit. Hope to see you soon.


                     Most Rev. Ramzi R. Musallam CEO / Director





All donations can be sent to the care off: 


Flight 93 Memorial Chapel

C/O:The Most Rev. Ramzi R. Musallam Director  

P.O. Box 142 

Shanksville, PA 15560 





Most Rev. Ramzi R. Musallam President / CEO / Director & Group and Tour Manager

Ihab Awwad - Vice President  

Connie Hay - Chapel Director Assistant

Sharon Logsdon - Volunteers Department Assistant 

Annie Snyder - Treasure

Alice Macload - Secretary / Chapel Pianist   

John Hamilton Sr. - Director 



Busses, Groups and Tours

Bishop Ramzi R. Musallam CEO - Director / Manager


or Contact us at



Bus Reservation Fee: $5.00 Donation each person


Bus Reservations: All tour groups are advised to call the Chapel 24 hours to let the Chapel office know of your cancellations.  Buses that do not call a fee will be charged

of $50.00 per bus.

*We kindly ask all buses to call our Office to confirm your visit for 2016 Bus Tours to the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel and United Airline Crew Monument.

 Please be advised:

Chapel is operated by Donations of Supporters like you!




Winter Hours

Monday -Thursday10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Friday - Saturday 11a.m. -4:p.m.

Sunday Noon till 5:00p.m. 


Spring & Summer Hours We Are Open 

Monday - Sunday 10:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Grounds are open all day.

Schools , Busses and Tourist are always welcome!

Call to reserve your date!





Saturday Catholic Mass at 5:00p.m


On the 11 day of every Month Mass will celebrated at 10:04a.m. (the hour of the crash took place in Shanksville PA)

The Names of the Heroes will be read and we remember the

families of Flight 93 and all who perished on September 11,







Donations can be sent to Flight 93 Memorial Chapel P.O. Box 142 Friedens, PA 15541 or you can donate by calling 570-875-8373 by Visa, Masters, Discover or American Express.




January, 2018


January 11, 2018 Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Musallam at the Chapel in memory of all the heroes and there  family members.



February 15, 2018 at 1:00p.m. Fifth Year Anniversary Mass of Father Alphonse Mascherino at Flight 93 Memorial Chapel with principal celebrant the Most Rev. Ramzi R. Musallam Archbishop of the Catholic Church of the East / ACC.  We ask all friends to attend and remember Father Al for all the work he did to find the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel.


March 22, 2018Founders Day - Mass at 11:00a.m.

and Chapel will be open all day for tourist.


June 14, 2018 Flag Day Memorial Service will be celebrated at 4:15p.m.



 September 2, 2018 Annual Flag Ceremony Thunder on the Mountain at 2:00p.m. by Somerset Scotts and Bikers.   Bikers are to be at the Chapel

at 1:30p.m.


September 11, 2018  17th Year Anniversary 

10:03 Ringing of the Bell the time the plan crashed  

placing Wreath on the United Airline Crew Monument. 

11:00a.m. Divine Liturgy at the Chapel and the Signing of the North Star Kids. 

1:00p.m. North Star Kids of Pittsburgh to preform

President & Donald Trump will be present at the National Memorial Site 

Official Members of the United Airlines 

Official Members of the Cause Foundation 

Members of the Clipped Wings of the UAL 

Archdiocesan Clergy

Archbishop Awards 

If you wish to be included in our program you may call our office at 570-718-8761.




Chapel Bulletin News:


Donate a Tree: Donate a Tree in Memory of a Hero of Flight 93. Trees are a donation of 150.00 Each.  Ceremony of Blessing of Trees will take place on September 11, 2016 at 2:00p.m.

Become a Volunteer Today by calling our office at



Donations: are needed to maintain the Chapel on a

monthly basis please remember us.


Chapel Food bank: Our Chapel will be collecting food items to help our area community who are in need. Donations can be send to the chapel.


Become a supporter and a member:  Those who wish to be a member of the Chapel will receive a 2016 Chapel Calendar and a welcome letter signed by the Archbishop.


Eleventh Day of Every Month: Mass is said at Flight 93 Memorial Chapel for the Heroes and Families of Flight 93 Heroes. We kindly ask family members to contact us for Birth dates or special Anniversary of our Heroes so that we can offer Mass on that day. Mass is said at the Chapel by the Archbishop on the 11 day of each month.  


Become on our Prayers List: You may write to us with

your prayer concern or for your special intentions and your prayers will be place on the Altar of Flight 93 Memorial Chapel.


Masses to be Offered: We kindly ask any one who wish to offer a Mass for a loved one, special day, anniversary, or in thanksgiving you may send us your request in advance. 



Busses, Groups and Tourist: you may contact Bishop Ramzi Musallam for further information and scheduling 570-875-8387.


Restaurants affiliated with our Flight 93 Chapel


Kings Family Restaurant 

1180 North Center Ave

Somerset, PA 15501



All Buses and tours Call Dotti for Reservation

Ask our Office for special Coupons when making a bus tour

to the Chapel.


Hoss's Steak & Sea House

1222 N. Center Ave.

Somerset, PA 15501



Quality Inn & Conference

215 Ramada Rd  

Somerset, PA 15501



Holiday Inn

132 Lewis Dr.

Somerset, PA 15501



Call Quality or Holiday Inn and tell them you are a friend of Flight 93 Memorial Chapel to receive your special Rate!


 Our Chapel is affiliated with the following organizations:  




Brothers of Flight 93


Laurel Highlands Visitor Bureau


Somerset Chamber of Commerce 


North Star Kids Choir 


Catholic Church of the East


       Prayer for the Heroes


Merciful Father into your hands we commit the souls of

the faithful departed to you as our loving God.

Grant unto them Mercy and perpetual

light to shine upon them.


Thunder on the Mountain

A voice came so clear

Here on our hills

they rest gently without any fear.


They spoke to us

as they hallowed on our mountain

No words can be said nor pain can be reviled

Now they are at peace

with our prince of Peace.


 by Archbishop Ramzi R. Musallam





1502 Stutzmantown Rd

Friedens, PA 15541


Please be advised that no other website is affiliated with Flight 93 Memorial Chapel Shanksville, Pennsylvania. All questions and concerns can be addressed to the Archbishop CEO and

Director of the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel.  



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